ASA was established under the Executive Agencies Act [Cap.245 R.E. 2002]. The Agency was launched in June 2006 as a semi-autonomous body under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives. The Agency took over the responsibilities that were performed by the Seed Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives. The aim of establishing ASA is to ensure high quality agricultural seeds are available to farmers at affordable price.

The key functions of the Agency include, expanding seed production and distribution networks so as to facilitate seed accessibility by farmers, promotion of increased private sector participation in the seed industry development through establishment of public-private partnerships or joint ventures in seed production and distribution, promotion of increased demand of certified seed by farmers and strengthening research capacities for breeding and producing varieties that address farmers’ specific demands.


To be a leading sustainable producer and supplier of high quality agricultural seeds.


To produce, process and market sufficient high quality agricultural seeds for the local and foreign markets

To insure availability of high quality seeds to Tanzanian farmers through strong collaboration with research and dedication of ASA resources to:

  1. Supply the necessary volume of quality Pre-basic and Basic seed required by private sector seed and other seed multipliers to produce certified seeds.
  2. Produce market and distribute certified seed of crops and varieties for which private sector and other multiplies interest or ability is not strong enough to meet farmers demand.


ASA is guided by the following set of values:

  1. Demand driven where products and services are to be supplied based on customer’s demand
  2. Quality products and services are to be delivered at competitive prices.
  3. Continuous improvement, Performance will be improved continuously to the excellent level.
  4. Team work and equal opportunity: Aspires to have participatory management in all levels.
  5. Accountability and integrity: Operates on the principles of good governance and responsibilities